Raquel Hines

Mrs. Hines


Grade: 2nd
Room: 122



I'm so glad you get to be apart of my class. This schools year will be filled with exciting new learning experiences. In my class, students will learn all they need to know to be smart, successful and to believe they can accomplish anything. I believe students are creative individuals. Students will be given every opportunity to exercise their personal abilities. They will learn and be taught in a way that is comfortable enough to feel safe to take risks. All students will become more knowledgeable in every area.

About Me

I graduated from Arizona State University and this is my 9th year of teaching. I enjoy spending time and having fun with my family. I also love traveling, especially to the beach! The reason I choose teaching as my profession is I want to make a difference in children’s lives.  I love teaching and I am so excited about this year.